CRM or Custom Relationship Management

Perfect follow-up of customers … Whether you’re a small KMO or a giant multinational, it has to be done. And preferably as efficiently as possible. For yourself, but especially for your customer. Because a customer who is followed up well, gets added value, and undoubtedly also returns added value. Today, more than ever, the customer is at the centre of every marketing and sales model. Every decision you make as a company must be carefully based on the values and needs of your customer. In this scenario, to ensure that you can always follow up in a personalized way, a CRM system offers you the support necessary.

A CRM system?!

CRM itself stands for ‘Customer Relationship Management’, and it is actually simply the way we do modern customer follow-up, with a focus on a positive relationship. Fortunately, in the year 2020 we no longer do this by pen and paper. There are advanced and intuitive systems for this. That’s how the CRM system comes into effect.

A modern CRM in a nutshell

  • Storing and sharing every piece of relevant customer information (e-mails, history, profile,…) in one central database.


  • This database is visible to every employee, as far as he/she needs to have access to it so that everyone is aware of a customer’s sales and thus the tasks can be adjusted accordingly.


  • Streamline the entire sales process, from suspect to prospect, from prospect to lead from lead to sale and even to aftersale!


  • Automation of communication and invoicing.

A CRM that works intuitively

A CRM that fits all your current systems

A CRM that follows you everywhere

A CRM that works intuitively

MyDigi’s CRM system limits the administrative burden of sales to the essentials. With a minimum of data input, you get the maximum amount of relevant feedback. This is displayed in one dashboard (which you can personalize yourself), on which you will find the following:

  • The status of customers: suspect/prospect/lead/customer
  • Which contact moments there have been and which can/must still take place
  • Which products a customer has already purchased
  • The necessary documents
  • A subdivision of all your customers into specific profiles
  • Budgeting and effective achievements per prospect as per customer
Time registration
Holiday requests

A CRM that fits all your current systems

Usually companies use the right tools to do CRM, but this process happens in an overly fragmented way. For example, you probably have a separate mail system, a separate invoicing system, a separate planning system… and all this data is separate from each other. The CRM system of MyDigi combines all of these facets nicely together into one tool. The advantages:

  • Send automated mailings that perfectly respond to your customer’s position in the funnel; all information is no longer stored in a seperate system but in one tool. Convenient for sales and for anyone working back-office.
  • Use information from your ERP system to optimize your sales
  • The planning of the sales reps becomes transparent for each employee and also for the back office who often receive the first calls. They can now act in a targeted way with the right information at hand.
  • Send automatic invoices and reminders and show this information to your sales reps. They know their customer best and they can mediate with them.

A CRM that follows you everywhere

A modern CRM system guides you through the sales process and ensures that you always have the right information at the right time. It triggers you. For example, is it time to pay a customer another follow-up visit? If so, our system tells you when it’s best for you to do this and what resources you need to do so. Tasks you plan for your customer translate into clear workflows in which you can also involve colleagues. You can also link documents to the workflow so that everything is immediately visible to everyone. Visible … always and everywhere. Because what is a modern system if it doesn’t work on your mobile phone?

Performance approval

MyDigi’s SalesApp

  • Your CRM always at your fingertips
  • Full access to your dashboards, workflows, appointments and tasks
  • Immediate reporting after your appointment and this, linked to the right prospect or customer

In short… one that guarantees results

More leads

More deals

More revenue

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