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How many documents are circulating within your organisation on a daily basis? You probably won’t be able to count them on two hands. Some may be in covers, and others you’ll find on the server. Are you always sure you have the latest version in front of you? Is there a colleague on holiday, and does he have a certain document you need in his possession? These are common difficulties within business operations. Luckily, we live in 2019, where we already see most documents being digitized anyway. Not only is this good for the environment, but it saves time and makes them easier to manage. At least … if you use the right tools. A DMS system solves these scenarios, among others.

A DMS system?

A DMS, or ‘Document Managing System‘, is an application that centralises all your documents. All documents are stored in one place so that everyone, with the proper rights, can get to the right documents with one click. Changes and additions are immediately available and the status of documents is continuously known to everyone. There is therefore no more discussion about the version of a document. Everyone works with the same up-to-date version, so that miscommunication is excluded.

What typifies a DMS is that it adds extra information to your files: ‘metadata’. Metadata consists of data about a document that are linked to the document and that are necessary to find documents, to establish relationships between documents, such as creation date, author, archiving date, version number, description, change history, information about who consulted the document, … In this way, the search possibilities are much more extensive.


A DMS that puts everything in one place

A DMS that keeps everyone informed

A DMS that keeps up with the times

A DMS that puts everything in one place

As I said before, a DMS system centralizes and digitizes all your files and documents. Of course, ours does too. You can see DMS as a separate application or you can integrate it with your CRM.

You will really gain greater benefits if you also link a workflow to the DMS. In this way, you can set up a document flow so that a document can be handled or approved digitally. When a certain person is on holiday, you can indicate a back-up that will transfer these matters for a certain period of time.

You can perfectly follow where the document remains digital
Significantly reduces the likelihood of documents being lost
The flexibility of your employees will increase
The customer inevitably experiences a stronger service

It is important to mention when implementing a DMS that you as an organization must be well prepared. Think carefully about structures and involve the users as much as possible. They are going to use the system, so it is best to turn it into ambassadors as soon as possible. We can also provide guidance and direction so that the implementation of the tree structure does not become too complex.

Time registration
Holiday requests

A DMS that keeps everyone informed

With MyDigi you not only have the possibility to archive the documents but you can also easily link the documents to a prospect, project or file as well as to the company and/or contact persons. In this way, you can find all relevant information from 360° glasses at any time and anywhere via a company, via the contact person as well as via the prospect, project or file.

Based on the rights you can grant to both document types and user groups, you can make it possible for not only internal employees to benefit from a DMS, but also external parties. For example, give your customers, partners and suppliers access to the documents and matters that are relevant to them via a customer portal. Just consult or also adapt? Everything can easily be arranged from the back office.


  • Always the latest, and therefore the correct, documents
  • Perfect coordination between each department
    With one click all the right documents available for a specific project/customer
  • Status indication on the documents
  • Constant feedback on documents in the form of workflows
  • Attention for granting rights per document type and per user group

A DMS that’s up-to-date

Our digital age is evolving faster than ever before. Software inevitably has to keep jumping on this boat. That’s why we will always make sure that our DMS system contains the latest gadgets to keep easing your workload with every update.

Digitizing documents allows us to access them anytime, anywhere. The automated archiving structure keeps you focused and keeps the document flow optimal at all times. Version management shows us when a document has been modified and by whom it has been modified. Older versions can still be requested for checking or restoring a document.

Automating repetitive tasks by means of workflows
Flexible DMS via the web application you can access your documents on any operating system.
Feels patterns and gives suggestions

Approval performance

Dus… een DMS-systeem dat je meer ademruimte geeft



Time saving

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