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Software for expertise agencies

As an expertise agency you want to focus on your business and make the

run as smoothly as possible.

Together with various experts, we have adapted MyDigi specifically for expertise agencies. Whether it is about expertise of cars, buildings or ships, with MyDigi you get all the control.


Damage pictures


Claims and damage budgets

Preparation of reports


  • The online planning gives you access to your calendar and that of your colleagues anytime, anywhere.
  • Based on the duration of the appointments, you know perfectly how much time you need.
  • Via Google-maps you can find the best route and transportation method.
  • If desired, appointments are automatically confirmed by email or text message.
Time registration
Holiday requests

Pictures of damage

  • Take picures of the damage through the app. Afterwards they are added to the right file.
  • The photos van be included in reports or other documents.

Claims and damage budgets

  • Easiyl collect all damage data into figures and items.
  • Keep track of the expertise turnaround time.
  • Based on the damage data, in combination with the number of appointments, you can easily send out invoices.
Approval performance

Create reports

  • Easily create the reports in your lay-out.
  • All parties are filled in, based on the predefined roles.
  • The information for the report is prepared and completed in the document.
  • If desired, this can be signed online on a tablet, mobile phone or touchscreen.
  • Each party involved immediately receives the signed copy by e-mail.
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