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Planning tool and project management

You are an entrepreneur that carries out individual assignments and/or projects for your customers. You may need an internal planning tool for your office employees. In this sense, overview and easy follow-up are essential for your company. Before your staff can carry out the assignments, a whole list of to-do’s needs to be drawn up.

  • Which employees are available and what competences do they have?

  • Are the certificates of your employees still valid?

  • How do you plan your employees or shifts and what about half-day assignments?

  • What materials do you need?

  • Which tasks should the staff specifically perform during the assignment?

  • What if photographs are taken before and after as evidence for your company but also for the customer?

The MyDigi planning tool offers a clear answer to all these and other questions. Easily plan all your employees, supplies and tasks for your future projects and assignments.


Project planning

Holiday requests

Staff planning

Performance approval

NEW! MyDigi’s Scheduling App


Material planning

Project planning

In the planning tool you can choose between an overview per day, week or month. You can then immediately plan all of your projects for that period. After double clicking once, you immediately list the tasks that need to be completed during the project.

For the projects that require staff with certain competences, you can immediately assign them base on their competence. And even more so… employees who have already worked on the site can listed on preferability for scheduling.

Time registration
Holiday requests

Staff planning

Now that you know exactly which tasks and assignments are on your plate, it’s time to assign the right people to get the job done. Fortunately, MyDigi’s planning tool works very intuitively. You’ll immediately get an overview of all the staff and we’ll give you suggestions on who’s best to schedule for the task. These choices are based on the availability and competences of your staff. This way, you will see a ranked list with, next to the name of the employee, his/her availability, the experience and the certificates.

MyDigi also notifies you if you would double-schedule an employee.

NEW! MyDigi’s Scheduling App

A mobile application developed especially for you and your employees.

Every morning you start with a simple overview of the tasks and assignments you that need to be performed. It contains all of the necessary info, such as:

  • the task description
  • the procedures to be followed
  • people to contact
  • the necessary documents that may need to be filled in (digitally) and, if necessary, immediately returned to the back office after a signature
  • possibilities for automatic invoicing

The app also allows you to sign vouchers and take photos before and after the start of the work in order to notify possible damages inflicted to all parties in a timely manner.

Approval performance

Material planning

Determine what specific materials you need for each project. This overview is visible for each staff member and is displayed on the calendar. By scheduling all of the information in time, your employees know what materials they need for future assignments or projects.

It is also important to keep an overview of which materials are still in stock and which materials have already being used by your staff.

It may also be the case that you need more than just materials for executing or maintaining the work, products that are needed can be left at the customer’s premises to provide further maintenance. For example, each product left behind with the customer can be immediately included in the employee’s app and, if desired, can be included in the invoice.

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