WFM or Work Flow Management

WFM stands for Work Flow Management which goes over managing business processes. Easily translated into “Who, what, how and when”. All matters that we carry out within a company or organisation often form part of processes, workflows or scenarios. Whether you are talking about a simple workflow or very complex processes, mapping out very step of the way is always very useful.

This can be about the delivery of a complex project or a process that consists of only a few steps. The strength of workflow management lies in the fact that you always deliver things in a correct way and every person involved within the organization always knows exactly what is being processed. This way of working also ensures that you always have a good overview of what is going right and what isn’t. You always know where any adjustments are needed.

A WFM system that offers you support

A WFM that guarantees focus in your teams

A WFM that connects all of your processes

A WFM system that offers you mental support

Whether you are an ISO certified company or a sole proprietorship that wants to keep things in order, the MyDigi WFM ensures that you save a lot of time and greatly improves your overall quality. All the steps that need to be taken to achieve or deliver something can be easily mapped out in MyDigi in so-called scenarios or step-by-step plans. Indicate who has to do what and when by automating as much as possible.

A scenario can consist of tasks that need to be carried out by employees from your organization or by yourself, or it may just be that you send out e-mails and text messages fully automated. Life becomes a lot easier and you no longer have to worry about what still needs to be done. MyDigi fully supports you in very simple aswell as more complex processes.

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A WFM that guarantees focus in your teams

To draw up a scenario, we always start from a time axis where we first determine a reference date. This is the date on which we start or on which we want to have finished everything. Some examples are for example, the delivery date of a project or the date on which a new employee starts. On that timeline we place all of the things in relation to the reference date so that it is clear when they need to be carried out. In addition, we determine which persons will carry out the tasks. A task can be assigned to Jan Peeters as well as to the group HR, Sales, Support, etc.

It is recommended that each scenario contains all relevant information that belongs to the execution of the task. For example, in the task ‘Sign the work regulations’, we link the corresponding document, more specifically the work regulations, so that the person who will perform this task immediately has the right information at hand and can perform the task very efficiently. Due to the fact that in MyDigi we also use DMS, the person who receives the task for signing the work regulations, will always use the latest and therefore most recent version.

A WFM that connects all of your processes

When scenarios are well documented, it becomes easy for employees without prior knowledge to learn and take care of new tasks. Of course, this not only improves efficiency but also quality. In other words, Workflow Management is the glue between all processes, departments and people to achieve a well-organized company or organization with high quality.

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